Mobile Security Patrols Sussex

||Mobile Security Patrols Sussex

Mobile Security Patrols Sussex

Mobile Patrols are a cost-effective and visible deterrent when full-time security is not practical. Each security patrol contract is tailored to your requirements, from external security patrols, carried out by our mobile guards at random times, too complete internal security patrols. Their aim is to create the most visible deterrent to any would-be troublemakers or opportunists and ensure peace of mind that all is secure.

Mobile security guards Sussex

Our SIA licensed, uniformed mobile security guards can visit and inspect your premises at agreed frequencies and times. Our mobile guards can also carry out physical checks for damage or possible intruder breaches.

In addition, we can provide mobile security roving patrols which can include a “walk and check” facility. We can also provide digital camera surveillance which may be used to enhance incident reports.

Mobile Guards Sussex

All operatives employed by Sussex Security Services for mobile security patrols are screened in compliance with industry standard screening and vetting procedures set out by the SIA.

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